I have provided examples of Russian film posters from the 1920ís because the imagery includes so much of what computers are good at today. The absence of a dependable printing process for photographic images led to a heavy reliance on projected and collaged imagery. Students who graduated from art school at the time of the revolution had been exposed to a chic avant-garde that championed  simple geometric forms and bold graphic design. The work produced by the young people who created film posters at break neck speed in this brief, idealistic, and politically charged environment has outlasted both the politics and the cinema of their day. I strongly recommend it as a source of visual ideas and inspiration.


For historical context, review Susan Pack's essay from FILM POSTERS OF THE RUSSIAN AVANT-GARDE


Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg / film title: 41


Anatoly Belsky / film title: FIVE MINUTES


Grigori Borisov & Pyotr Zhukov / film title: THE LIVING CORPSE


Smolyakavsky / film title: THE CONVEYOR OF DEATH


Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg / film title: THE LOVE TRIANGLE


Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg / film title: THE BURDEN OF MARRIAGE


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