The Assignment

Create a page in which at least two different textures are artfully displayed. You will be producing an illusion in which the viewer sees at least two different kinds of surfaces juxtaposed in an exciting way. There are no pictorial restrictions other than the requirement to show a distinct change in texture. 

Many of you invented interesting textures in your pattern project. You may use those as one element of this assignment if you wish. Changing its shape or size, while retaining the look of the surface, would be a simple way to get started. 

As in all your assignments, the goal is to create an illustration that is unique, intriguing, visually rich, and memorable.


Some ideas for producing textural illusions: 

Drop Shadows are a common computer graphic effect, and they provide the illusion that an object is floating just above the page. If this motif is repeated many times in a pattern, it can create the appearance of a relief surface. I will describe how to use the Drop Shadow filter in class. 

Shadows can also be created with the pen tool in any shape and length to suggest a complex silhouette that canít be seen when viewing the object from above. 

Combine shapes so that they seem to twist and weave around each other. You can add shadows to heighten this effect if you wish. 

Overlay geometric objects in stacks, adding shadows if you wish. 

Use masks over scanned photos of textural surfaces to create a veneer for your shapes.


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