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Facade in Search of Purpose Don Juan Series Poissons de Chant 4
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Moment and Memory Poissons de Chant 8 Digital Prints
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Europe after the rain / details Everything but the Fish Walter Mitty / details
Toad Hall / details Complete images Dorothy Gale / details
Don't worry, I'm not looking at you / details Sci-Fi Jumbo George Bailey / details
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  Sci-Fi Jumbo 2
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Drawing Pages Drawing by Moonlight (SMC)
First Colored Pencil Drawing page Eight Feet
Second Colored Pencil Drawing page Twins
Third Colored Pencil Drawing page Profiles in Courage
First Pencil page The Weighty Problem
Second Pencil page Long on Foreshortening
  Floating World
  The Crowd / Final Assignment


G r e a t e s t    H i t s   P a g e s (SMC Art Department / Digital Design)
Four Squares Assignment Sheet (First Project)
Monochrome Letter (Second Project)
Assignment Sheet
Monochrome Scene (Third Project)
Assignment Sheet
Illusory Line in Analogous Color (Fourth Project)
Assignment Sheet
Pattern (Fifth Project)
Assignment Sheet
Texture (Sixth Project)
Assignment Sheet
Poster (Seventh / Final Project)
Assignment Sheet
Pen Tool Reshape Paths
Gradient Ball / Shadows Line Dancing
Chiaroscuro Poster Boys